You seem to have questions. Here are some answers.

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I like to paint! I designed this site when I was taking a watercolor painting class and decided to use some of my technique practice as the aesthetic for this site, since, well, it’s cheaper than stock photos. 

Hey, if you don’t live on the West Coast and want to sign up, go for it; I don’t run your inbox. Just know that the content of the newsletter is aimed at the West Coast geographic segment (California and the PNW).
If you are an East Coast journo who wants to move west one day or is interested in any of those things, sign up! I won’t kick you out. This isn’t some exclusive club and I’d appreciate the support.
If you’re looking for more national journalism resources, I highly recommend checking out and subscribing to:

Unfortunately, I can’t help you there. Only you can get yourself a job. 

No. As a freelancer, pitching your story and researching publications best fit for it is your job; please don’t ask other people to do the leg work for you. (I weirdly get asked this question a lot and I don’t like it.)

That being said, every publication looks for different things in the pitches they accept. I would love to offer (paid) pitching workshop services in the future, however, that is a long way down the road.

Available right now, though, are Study Hall‘s great resources for pitching. Use them!

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve decided to offer office hours to do just that for newsletter subscribers and other interested journos. You can book a 1:1 call with me through Calendly.